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Frequently Asked Questions

JOBSARENA( is a job portal where employers/recruiters meet their's desired candidates. We post job vacancies for and from different companies thereby providing the jobseeker with a one-stop shop for all available job vacancies within the period.
Jobsarena is not in anyway related to the companies and/or jobs we post on our website. Each job post on the site bears the name of the company that owns them or the consulting firm who is posting on behalf of the owner company/companies.
All duly registered companies in Nigeria are eligible to post their job vacancies on Jobsarena.
Job posting on Jobsrena is COMPLETELY FREE! all that is required is the an authorized staff of the company signs up on the site and provide evidence of registration with Cooperate Affaires Commission (CAC) .
Just like job posting, applying to jobs posted on jobsarena is completely free.
Every job post on the site has a "How To Apply or Means Of Application". DONT SEND YOUR CV TO US! send it to the job owners as prescribed in the job's 'How To Apply'
Sure!, in terms of any difficulty either while signing up, creating an employer/recruiter/jobseeker account, posting jobs or applying to one, please do not hesitate to reach us using any of the means on our contact us page.
Simple, click Here! , enter your valid email address and choose a password, confirm your password and then select your account type. (Job seeker or Recruiter) When your done just click signup, an email with your verification code will be sent to your email address (the email you just provided, see why it has to be a valid and accessible one?). Go to your email inbox, open the mail we just sent you and click on the link inside, it'll bring you back to the site's where you will create your account by providing the required data. Once your done, you are good to go! You can now go ahead applying for jobs if you are a job seeker or posting your job vacancies if you are a recruiter.
All job posts on Jobsarena are verified and approved by our admins. It takes about 30min - 1hour's max and your job is approved. Once approved, it becomes visible on the site and job seekers can then start applying
For any job to be approved on Jobsarena, it must comply to the following :
  • Job title/position
  • A brief description of the company that owns the job
  • Job detail/description which must include location, application deadline and means of application
Go back to the job post and edit to comply with the above rules, once done and confirmed by our admin, your job will be approved.
A job approval email is sent to you once your job is approved, same as when rejected
All your personal details are safe and never shared except when you applied for a job at which time your details are made available to the job owner/recruiter for assessment.
You are at liberty to delete your account any time any day. (but why will you do that?)